SourceTech Extend enables multiple PMS’s from a wide range of vendors to share a single ALE OmniPCX Enterprise or Office. One-to-one connection is of course also possible, where its primary use is protocol conversion.

The application consists of one server module and one client module per PMS, where the client(s) are responsible for handling the PMS protocol. SourceTech Extend is MS Windows based and can run in a physical or virtual machine

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Extend server

The Extend Server is a windows service that emulates a PMS system. It communicates with the PBX over TCP/IP and it have a built in data buffer to secure that no information is lost – the data is kept even if the machine is rebooted. Extend Server have support for both Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise and Office.

Extend client

The Extend client is a windows service with some great features built in to it. Just like the Extend server the Extend client have a built in buffer in order to secure that no information from the PMS system is lost – Likewise the server, the booking data is kept even if the machine is rebooted. The Extend Client has support for native AHL, FIAS and OHL protocol.


Some PMS systems can use TCP/IP to connect to the PBX, other are using a  legacy V24 serial connection. Each Extend Client is configured individually to use TCP/IP or V24, and can independently use the preferred supported protocol of choice. This means that you always have an interface ready to use when you add a PMS system to your solution.

Protocol converter

Extend is also a protocol converter. This makes it possible to just plug in an Oracle OPERA PMS and let Extend convert its FIAS protocol into AHL and vice versa. Conversion between the legacy 5 digit AHL and current 8 digit AHL/OHL is also fully supported.

Number translator

In a multi-PMS solution, the ability to convert, or translate, the room numbers, makes each PMS system room number independent. The room numbers in OXE are individually converted into the numbering plan of each PMS.

Data buffer

Both the Extend Server & Client have built in data buffers to secure that the data won’t be lost for maximum security.