4059EE Stream Deck

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Call handling at your fingertips!

The SourceTech call handling integration gives you complete control and a great overview for the call handling using the 4059EE software. Keys that are enabled for keypress in a call state are lit by a background color. The color of the buttons active state can be changed using the Elgato Stream Deck application and the SourceTech call handling icon set that is installed with the package. You can even create your own icon sets to personalize the solution even further! In addition to call handling the keyboard can be used with any application which quickly gives you a great way of interacting with your software.


•  For those presently working with the dedicated Alcatel-Lucent telephony keyboard.

• For an operator workstation where several people handle the console application at different times.

•  For anyone that wants the comfort of having a dynamic keyboard for the 4059EE call handling.

Where to buy

Stream Deck keyboard
The Elgato Stream Deck keyboards is available from Elgato and their sales parterns around the world.We recommend the Stream Deck XL with 32 keys or the standard with 15 keys.

SourceTech 4059EE Stream Deck License
The SourceTech license is provided through one of our dealers.

How to create a quotation

In this video we explain how to use our tool Spectra to create a customer and a quotation for the Stream Deck add-in for the 4059EE

How to generate a license

Here we explain how to generate and install a license for the Stream Deck add-in to the 4059EE 2.3 and later.