Software as a Subscription - SaaS

In addition to our existing perpetual license model we are also offering a recurring and dynamic license model, SaaS, greatly reducing investment costs.

With SaaS licensing model you subscribe to a time-limited application license. 

Instead of purchasing the license upfront, you’ll get charged a much smaller subscription fee at the start of each new subscription period, which can be monthly or yearly. The fee includes support and maintenance, and all software upgrades are included. Unique for SaaS is the possibility to scale your license both up and down, depending on your current needs.

With SaaS you can also run the application as a trial, where a subscription runs for free during a certain period of time before switching over to a regular, paid, subscription. A trial period is normally set to 30 days and can be cancelled at any time before the trial period is over. This is an excellent way of try-before-you-buy, if uncertain.

All you have to do to get started with SaaS is sign up an account at SourceTech Store, our dedicated SaaS portal, which is where you manage all your software subscriptions.



The following products are currently available for SaaS
• SourceTech Extend
• SourceTech Presence Service
• ALE 4059EE Feature Pack

Note that all SaaS enabled products require internet connection

We currently offer SaaS exclusively to our existing dealers and distributors. If you haven’t signed up as a dealer already, just drop us an email at to get started.