We always strive to develop products that facilitate users and administrators work. It doesn’t matter if it is about a function that should be included in the next version or the font in the manuals. No detail is too small and every individual perceives things differently.

Below you’ll find links to our products, click the product name to go to the specific product page. If you are interested in a product, contact one of our dealers.

You can find the manuals here

Provides calendar integration and real-time user presence to ALE 4059EE

SourceTech Extend provide protocol conversion and application multiplexing, enabling one or multiple PMS to share one PBX.

Adds various features to your ALE 4059EE application

Tellus PAM

SourceTech Tellus PAM is a suite of products that are specially designed to enhace companies service.

By using our subscription service you can increase or decrease you licenses whenever you want.


All users of Tellus have access to a web client where they can handle absences or get information about colleagues

AD sync

With SourceTech AD sync you can syncronize the user data from Microsoft Active Directory to SourceTech Tellus.


Tellus Voice

Our vision is that Tellus Voice at Tellus PAM forms one unified product. A product where simplicity stands in foxus.

Wake-up portal

With this addition to Extend hotels will finally receive notifications easily when their guests have not answered wake-ups.