About us

SourceTech develops intuitive and reliable products with modern user interface. This is, in accordance with our vision to, "help our clients to facilitate all communication within and outside the company".

The companies and organizations that currently use our applications and technology solutions sets high demands on the software that they use. Therefore we continuously update and improve our products in agreement with our customers, and their preferences. We listen to our customers and always adapt our products to today's business environment, which is characterized by rapid decisions and many contact points as well as high standards on reliable modern tools.

We have since 2000 developed the software for the Telecom giant Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises switchboards. On this basis, we continued to develop smart plug-ins for the operator application. Today we have plug-ins including different catalogue searches (yellow pages), the contact center OTCS from ALE International and obviously full integration with our own product suite Tellus. Tellus contains referral system, visitor management, auto attendant, voice mail, and more.

Our team

Leif Andersson, Creative Director at SourceTech AB

Leif Andersson

Creative Director

Leif is the owner of SourceTech AB and together with Bjarne Ingelsson he manages daily operations.

Besides this work, Leif works with marketing, design and sales of our applications and are in contact with our partners and resellers.

Bjarne Ingelsson, R&D manager at SourceTech AB

Bjarne Ingelsson

Manager R&D

Bjarne is the owner of SourceTech AB and together with Leif Andersson he manages daily operations.

Besides this, Bjarne is Manager of R&D and develops mainly the application 4059EE with associated feature packs and Tellus Voice.

Mariah Edström, Support technician at SourceTech AB

Mariah Edström

Support technician

Mariah works with the support of our products and writes documentation

Nathalie Heisner, Design, marketing and sales at SourceTech AB

Nathalie Heisner

Design, marketing & sales

Nathalie works primarily with our newsletter, design and our website.

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