Introducing Wakeup Service, the Ultimate Wakeup Call Management Solution for Hotels

Efficiency and Reliability Our application automates the process of scheduling and managing wakeup calls, eliminating human error and ensuring that every guest receives their call on time
Ease of Use With a user-friendly interface, Wakeup Service is easy to use for the hotel staff and front-office. It’s as simple as setting an alarm on a smartphone.
Integration Our application seamlessly integrates with existing PBX, making it a hassle-free addition to your hotel’s tech stack.

Many modern PMS vendors lack the ability to handle wakeup calls, and as a result we’ve added a complete wakeup management system, Wakeup Service, to SourceTech Extend.
As SourceTech Extend act a gateway/middleware between the PBX and PMS its able to pick up all wakeup related transactions. 

With Wakeup Service you can register, update and cancel wakeups on behalf of the hotel guests.
Missed, or failed, wakeups are displayed in red making it very clear to distinguish and quickly take proper action.

Wakeup Service overview

In this video we will show an overview on how the Wakeup Service operates, the functions you can use and what the user will see during different wakeup states.

The interface

The Wakeup Portal is a web-based platform characterized by user-friendliness and accessibility. Its interface is designed to display upcoming wake-up calls, successful wake-up events, as well as any wake-up attempts that have failed.



The user will receive an audible alarm in the browser in the event of a wakeup failure, thereby promptly informing the user of the issue.