DMZ / Reversed proxy

DMZ / Reverse proxy

- How can users reach Tellus externally?

You’re not always in the office, connected to the corporate network and that makes it difficult to access Tellus and the information you need when you’re not in the office.

It is possible to solve these problems in thwo ways:



By configurationg a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) the users can access Tellus even when they are outside of the internal network. You achieve this by setting one server ourside of the firewalls and open up a specific port where the traffic can pass through to the Tellus server. This is a simple but secure way to do this.

reverse proxy, server

Reverse proxy

Configuring a proxy server in the internal network does not require that you open up anything in your firewalls. You simply set up a server on the internal network where all traffic from the internet will pass through, the proxy decides where the traffic will be sent.

Thanks to these solutions all users can access the Tellus server, regardless of where the are.

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