SourceTech Tellus Expose, resource booking tool

Tellus Expose

- Facilitates the company’s management for booking of conference room

SourceTech Tellus Expose. Expose your meetings outside your conference rooms

Tellus Expose is an application running on a tablet, we currently support tablets running iOS, and this means that the app is downloaded from the app store. Attach the tablet outside each conference room and use it to book new or extend meetings. With Expose outside each conference room it is easy to quickly see the status of the rooms without having to log into different systems.

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Expose has several features to facilitate the booking of conference rooms. You can book a new meeting or extend a meeting that takes longer than expected. You can never make a double booking in Expose.

You need to log in to Expose when you need to manage bookings, you use the same user name and password as you have in TellusWeb.  You can also book meetings trough the booking page in TellusWeb. This will then sync with Expose and make it available in the application.



The design of the app is uncluttered and with colors that catches the eye. That way you'll be able to see, even if you are a distance away, if there is an ongoing meeting in that specific conference room.

You will always see the next booked meeting on the start page and the name of the person who booked the room; that makes it possible to use Tellus Mobile and search for the person if you need it. You will also see the available resources in the room, such as: capacity, conference phone, projector and white board.

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