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Make sure to choose the feature plan you need from the beginning! The information below states a transparent overview of all our models of the Tellus suite and what they include.

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Standard functions


Release 2 *

Tellus Unlimited


Standard functions


Tellus standard functions contains: Tellus Web, Administration, Tellus Mobile, MyTellus, Report module (with pre-defined reports).


Increase licenses


There are always a possibility to increase your licenses.


Decrease licenses


You can only decrease licenses if you have use the subscription model. The subscription model are only available with release 3 of Tellus, Tellus Unlimited.


Modern UI


We made changes in the User Interface in connection with the release of Tellus Unlimited (release 3).


Included support agreement


The service agreement are only included if you use our subscription model. If you don't use the subscription model the service agreement will be invoiced quarterly. (If you choose to have the service agreement).


Free updates, minor


Minor version updates of a release are included in the monthly subscription price. If you don't use this model you will need our service agreement to receive this without extra cost.


Free updates, major


Major release updates are included in the subscription model.


Subscription model


The possibility to subscribe to the Tellus-suite. The advantage of subscribing to Tellus is for instance that your company always have the; right to new releases and updates (free of charge), the service agreement are included in the monthly payment; you can increase or decrease licenses directly in the user interface and you get better control over your system. Read more about our subscription model.


Features and functions


Release 2*

Tellus Unlimited


4059EE OTCS Plug-in


Our plug-in to ALE Internationals contact center application OTCS (Open Touch Customer Service) works with version 1.6 of the operator application 4059EE. That version of 4059EE is only compatible with Release 3 of Tellus.


4059EE Connect Plug-in


Our integration between Intelecom's contact center Connect and the operator application 4059EE.


Calendar - Exchange


Calendar integration between Exchange and Tellus.


Calendar - First Class


Calendar integration between First Class and Tellus.


Calendar - Lotus Domino


Calendar integration between Lotus Domino and Tellus.


Calendar - Groupwise


Calendar integration between Groupwise and Tellus.


Visit system


The possibility to add our visit system Tellus Visit


Resource booking


Add Tellus Booking to manage your absences and bookings; meeting rooms, projectors, cars, etc. in one and the same place!




You have the possibility to add our booking application Expose if you use Tellus Booking. Expose does only work with release 3 of Tellus.


Text messaging


Send text messages from the Tellus system directly to the users mobile phones.




SourceTech AD-sync enables synchronization of user data between the company's AD (Active Directory) and SourceTech Tellus.


Network camera


With the help of a network camera the operator can get a moving picture directly in the operator application 4059EE with PAM.


Tellus Voice, voice mail


Add our Voice mail with spoken absence. Tellus Voice is an integrated part in the Tellus suite.


Name subscription


Name subscription works if you use our voice mail Tellus Voice. The voice mail will, instead of reading up the extension name, read the first and last name on the chosen employee.


* Release 2 has the status EOL (End of life) since 2017-01-01 and no further development or bugfixes will be made on this release..

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