The new data protection regulation (GDPR) demands a stricter handling of personal data. All companies that handles this sensitive data will be forced to adapt this new regulation. 

Storage of personal data in SourceTech’s products

Tellus PAM

Our customers have full control over their own personal data that they choose to put in their system. We do not have any access to it.

 If we receive a customer database it will be connected to a ongoing issue and when that issue is closed the databased will be removed from us. 


We do not store personal data in any of our applications in the Tellus suite. The applications that presents data is just retrieving it from third party applications or services and it will not be saved. 

Spectra, our quotation tool for our resellers and distrubuters contains personal data. This data can easaly be deleted from the system by the user. 


Contact us if you have any questions regarding GDPR and how we store personal data. 

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