Open API:s

We have opened up our API:s in the Presence Service. Continue reading below to learn how our API:s can be beneficial to your solutions. 

Contact us if you want to use our API:s.

Endpoint API

You can use this API to take advantage of our already existing integrations towards data, calendar and tele presence. Just connect your application that need presence status to our API. We currently support:

Tele presence:
- TDC Mobil
- Telenor bredriftsnet
- A1
- Phonero
- Telia Norge och Danmark

Data presence:
- Skype for Business

Calendar integration:
- Exchange
- Office 365 (ExchangeOnline)


Provider API

You can use this API to add more providers to the presence service, which means that you can add more services to our solution. 

For example:

If you have the operator application 4059EE and want to receive presence status from your companys mobile carrier directly in the 4059EE application. Add the provider connection to the API and we’ll take care of the rest. 


Use both API:s together

You can also use both API:s together. This means that you can add a provider and an endpoint.

For example:

You have your own applikation that you want to integrate with a provider that is not already integrated in our presence service. Use the Endpoint API to add your own application and use the Provider API to add your wanted presence provider. 

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