Telefonistapplikation 4059EE med integrerad plug in till hänvisningssystemet Tellus PAM

Operator application 4059EE with PAM

- The most powerful tool for operators

Operator application 4059EE with SourceTech Tellus PAM

The integration with SourceTech Tellus® PAM™ enhances your company profile by providing accurate information about your whereabouts.

The PAM system lifts the presence from “rich presence” to “true presence”. In daily language, we talk about presence in a quite inattentive way, only focus on the word “presence” and normally forget its most important antonym: “absence”.

When a person is unreachable, we do want to know when the person is expected to be available, and in some cases it would be appropriate to know the cause of the absence; out to lunch, in a meeting, or gone for the day. By providing this information to your customers that ends up in the switchboard, you will certainly give a more professional approach. The source of the absences is gathered from anything like the users calendar application, the Tellus web client, a connected time system to the free mini application: MyTellus.

The PAM system has powerful integrated features like; message handling, personal schedules, calendar integration, common contact database to just mention a few.

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Standard functions


Tellus PAM

By using the operator application 4059EE with Tellus PAM you will get the ultimate tool for all operators.

All information available will be displayed in a uniform way in the attendant application.



Call queues
Phone lists
Busy Lamp Field
Search functions
Support for Tellus Visit
Support for network camera

Plug ins

Presence Service

Presence Service

The Presence Service collects presence status from different vendors. These are then presented in the operator application and in Tellus Web (if you have bought Tellus PAM)

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Catalouge service

Catalouge service

Receive caller identification with our catalogue services. If you install this plug in the operator are going to receive caller IDs directly in the call handling window in the operator application!

Contact center, OTCS

Contact center OTCS

Our integration between ALE Internationals operator application 4059EE and the contact center OTCS (OpenTouch Customer Service) enables contact center functions and features directly in the operator application.

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Connect, intelecom

Contact center Connect

Together with Puzzel we have integrated their cloud-based contact center "Connect". This means that those who work as telephone operators can get an overview of the queues is right now.

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