OTCS plug in to operator application 4059EE

OTCS integration in 4059EE

- 4059EE with contact center functions

integration between ALE Internationals operator application 4059EE and the contact center OTCS

Our integration between ALE Internationals operator application 4059EE and the contact center OTCS (OpenTouch Customer Service) enables contact center functions and features directly in the operator application.

The operator can log in as an agent in their own operator application. This means that the operator will be able to handle both contact center calls and switchboard calls at the same time!

The plug-in have all the necessary functions integrated from the contact center to become a useful tool for operators.

You can also get another great function if you use our SourceTech Tellus PAM with the operator application. Create a user for each campaign that holds all campaign information, by doing so enables the possibility to see a campaign specific manuscript when answering a call!

Log in as agent

Log in as an agent

You easily log in as an agent trough the operator application. Log in with the personal login information and choose which site you belong to.

Ready, not ready

Ready / Not ready

There are buttons that makes it easy to put yourself as ready or not ready in each campaign. This means that you can have different statuses in the campaigns.



As an agent you will have an overview of all the campaigns, but you can also choose a specific campaign you want to see more detailed information.

wrap up

Wrap up

This function enables post processing time for the agents after a phone call. The agent will not receive a new phone call while the wrap-up time is active. The wrap-up time are defined in a settings dialogue per campaign. You can have different lengths on different campaigns and the agent can always discontinue the wrap-up if it is not needed.

Answer in 4059EE

Answer in 4059EE

Our integration makes it possible to answer contact center calls directly in the operator application. You can easily see which type of call it is by looking at the incoming call icon in the call handling section. You see both icon and which campaign the call has come in to.



You can choose which campaign you want to see more information about.
The information available is:
- Message of the day
- Queue status
- Average waiting time
- Maximum waiting time
- Amount of logged in agents
- Amount of ready agents
- Amount of available agents
- Agent list

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