SourceTech Tellus Calendar integration

Calendar integration

- Minimal effort with calendar integration

SourceTech Tellus calendar integration

It should be easy to manage your absences. You should not have to go into several different applications to close your phone extension. That's why we built this calendar integration. Just book your meetings in your calendar as usual and we'll do the rest!

When adding a booking in your calendar it will automatically generate an absence and close your phone extension for you in time for your meeting. Your calls will be sent to your voice mail or company telephonist depending on what default settings you have in Tellus. Your extension will open automatically when the meeting is over.

Focus on your work and let your calendar manage your absences!

Compatible calender servers

Calender integration with exchange

Exchange/Office 365

Calender integration with Groupwise


Calender integration with Frist Class

First class

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