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We always strive to develop products that facilitate users and administrators work. It doesn’t matter if it is about a function that should be included in the next version or the font in the manuals. No detail is too small and every individual perceives things differently.

Below you'll find links to our products, click the product name to go to the specific product page. If you are interested in a product, contact one of our dealers.



By using our subscription service you can increase or decrease you licenses whenever you want.

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Tellus PAM, presence and availability management, referall

Tellus PAM

SourceTech Tellus PAM is a suite of products that are specially designed to enhace companies service.

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Operator application, 4059EE, feature pack, Tellus PAM

4059EE PAM

The operator application 4059EE with Tellus PAM provides a powerful tool to operators all over the world.

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Tellus Web, referall, PAM system, presence and availability management


All users of Tellus have access to a web client where they can handle absences or get information about colleagues-

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Tellus Voice, voicemail, voice mail, spoken absence

Tellus Voice

Our vision is that Tellus Voice at Tellus PAM forms one unified product. A product where simplicity stands in foxus.

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resource booking, conference rooms

Tellus Booking

Wouldn’t it be great if you could book your meeting room and manage your absences at the same place.

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Tellus Mobile, mobile application

Tellus Mobile

You can always manage your presence/absence with Tellus Mobile, even when you're outside the office.

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MyTellus, tray application for referall


MyTellus is a Windows application that comes free if charge with Tellus. Get access to the most common features!

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Tellus visit, visit system

Tellus Visit

A well developed visitor system gives the organization a professional impression and will lift the efficiency in the reception.

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Presence Service, 4059EE, exchange, Tellus PAM

Presence Service

Get status information on users in the 4059EE eve without the PAM system. The presence service collects telephone, data and calendar status.

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PBX and hotel, PMS system and PBX, Extend, X10D


You can connect several PAM systems and booking systems to one PBX by using SourceTech Extend.

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Wake-up portal

With this addition to Extend hotels will finally receive notifications easily when their guests have not answered wake-ups.


AD sync

With SourceTech AD sync you can syncronize the user data from Microsoft Active Directory to SourceTech Tellus.

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OTCS Plug-in

The integration between 4059EE and the contact center OTCS gives the operators an overview over the contact center.

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