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Tellus Reports is a tool for administrators and users who have the rights to manage reports. The report module is available on TellusWeb in the administration.

Using the report module in TellusWeb makes information easy to access and easy to manage.

You can create report templates and by using templates, you can quickly and easy get reports that are used frequently or continuously. Using filters allows reports to be created and only show what is relevant, for example, a month of visit history, or user absences the past week.

The system can gather and create reports with information from visits, absence, booking, organizations, phones and users.

Read more about reports below.

Create reports

Create reports

It's easy and quick to create reports, all you need do is to choose the template you want to use, enter a title and select the format or appearance of the report.



Reports can be created in different formats, PDF, CSV, HTML and XML.

This is for you to be able to adapt reports to your own needs and era business.



The features of Tellus Reports makes it easy for administrators to create reports.

Layouts of the reports can be customized. Change the font, colour and text and add your company logo.

Information displayed in the report are easily adjustable, just add the fields that are interesting and relevant, and then create the report.

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