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Text messaging

- Get your notifications directly in your smartphone

Skicka SMS till systemets användare

All massages from the attendant or your voice mail can be sent as a text to a user with an active mobile phone number when you have an active text messaging license. But to do this you need to activate this service at an SMS-provider.

TDC, Tele2 business


By using TDC SMS you will get all your messages from Tellus in your smart phone. Easy to access even when you are outside the office.

For more information, contact TDC.



It's incredibly easy to use Infobip for this service. Create an account on their website and charge your account with a sum of money used to pay for the text message traffic. When the money runs low it sends a notification to selected administrator and he/she can log in and fill the pot with money again.

Infobip has no limitations when it comes to how many characters the SMS contains. You can also send SMS messages to multiple users.


Intelecom SMS

Intelecom SMS Gateway is integrated with Tellus and can easily be used after you have established an account with Intelecom. All messages will be billed monthly in retroactively. Intelecom provides good opportunities, experiences, capabilities, procedures and organization in connection with the operation and development of SMS Gateway for all your needs.

Read more here.

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