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Presence and availability management

- A flexible system with many additional functions

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SourceTech Tellus PAM® is a suite of products that are specifically designed to enhance companies service.

How many times do you get disturbed by your phone when attending a meeting or being busy with important work? Or are your phone always calling when you’re not in the office? This can in the worst case scenario make you loose an important business contact. To avoid this you need to be able to “close” your office phone and forward it to your mobile phone, your voice mail or the office telephonist. By using our PAM system your contacts, colleagues and customers can easily find out when you’re not available and receive information about when you’re going to be back.

When the PAM system is in use, everyone in the company will have access to a web client,  a mobile web page and a windows application for easy handling of your presence and availability.

You can read more about the various functions included in the standard and additional range below.


Standard functions

Tellus Web


TellusWeb is a modern web-based platform that have all functions you are looking for: Administration, reports, schedule, search functions, message handling and a lot more.

Tellus Mobile

Tellus Mobile

With Tellus Mobile you can manage your presence/absence, even when you're outside the office. Add, edit or remove absences in a few clicks!



MyTellus is a Windows application that comes free of charge with our Tellus-suite. It runs in the background and appears as an icon in the toolbar on your computer.

Additional functions

Resource Booking

Tellus Bokning

Handle the bookings of resources and meeting rooms directly in TellusWeb.

There's also an iOS app for iPads secured outside the conference rooms.

Tellus Visit

Tellus Visit

A well developed visitor system gives the entire organization a professional impression and lifts the efficiency in the reception.

Tellus Voice

Tellus Voice

Tellus Voice is a integrated voice mail with spoken absence. The voice mail has a lot of features, spoken absencce, ASR, IVR and name subscription.

Report module, Tellus Reports

Tellus Reports

Tellus Reports is a tool for administrators and users who have the rights to manage reports. The report module is available on Tellus Web in the administration.

Calendar integration

Calendar integration

When adding a booking in your calendar it will automatically generate an absence and close your phone extension for you in time for your meeting

SMS, Text messaging

Text messaging

When you have an active SMS gateway license all massages from the attendant or your voice mail can be sent as a SMS to a user with an active mobile phone number.

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