4059EE Feature Pack

Increase the feature level of 4059EE.

4059EE Feature Pack is essentially a bundle of commercial plugins, each packed with its own unique features.
All plugins are licensed and can be purchased individually.



Stream Deck Keyboard

The SourceTech call handling integration gives you complete control and a great overview for the call handling using the 4059EE software. Keys that are enabled for keypress in a call state are lit by a background color. The color of the buttons active state can be changed using the Elgato Stream Deck application and the SourceTech call handling icon set that is installed with the package. You can even create your own icon sets to personalize the solution even further! In addition to call handling the keyboard can be used with any application which quickly gives you a great way of interacting with your software.

Read more on our product page and see a video how it works here


ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)

ODBC allows for an application, such as the 4059EE, to retrieve data from a wide range of applications, CRM systems and databases.
By using ODBC in 4059EE you can retrieve user contact information directly from your company database and displayed in the 4059EE.


SourceTech Tellus® PAM

The PAM system lifts the presence from “rich presence” to “true presence”. In daily language, we talk about presence in a quite inattentive way, only focus on the word “presence” and normally forget its most important antonym: “absence”.

When a person is unreachable, we do want to know when the person is expected to be available, and in some cases it would be appropriate to know the cause of the absence; out to lunch, in a meeting, or gone for the day.
By providing this information to your customers that ends up in the switchboard, you will certainly give a more professional approach. The source of the absences is gathered from anything like the users calendar application, the Tellus web client, a connected time system to the free mini application: MyTellus.

Read more about Tellus Pam here



Opplysningen 1881 AS is a Norwegian company which disseminates domestic and foreign information about individuals, organizations, companies and public institutions in the Norwegian market the company provide information from home and abroad in all channels – via telephone, SMS, mobile and internet.

You can read more about Opplysningen here


Eniro for 4059EE

Eniro.se is a local Swedish search portal offering telephone directory, websearch and maps for Sweden. In addition to this Eniro offers a news aggregator, shopping services, video search, image search and job search.

You can read more about Eniro here


Search.ch for 4059EE

Search.ch is a search engine and web portal for Switzerland. It was founded in 1995 as a regional search engine. In the following years many other services were added, such as a phonebook, and free SMS.
The user can restrict his search to regions of Switzerland, such as a canton or a city.

You can read more about Search.ch here