Subscription service

Easy to increase or decrease licenses when needed

Your company can subscribe to the Tellus-suite by using our subscription model, you can with this model skip multiple steps in the process for new purchases. You will not need to contact your dealer for quotation requests because you can do it your self directly in TellusWeb.  There you will instantly see price changes and when you’re satisfied with the changes you have made you can click on the order button and the licenses will be ready for download.

All it takes is a one-time installation by a certified technician, after that you can easily try new features, increase and decrease licenses and you have also access to all the latest software directly in

 Read more about the service below.

Try new functions

It is easy to try out new functions and features in the Tellus-suite. For example: If your company wants to try our visiting system, Tellus Visit, you can order it directly at the subscription page in TellusWeb.

Fully Compatible

With the Tellus subscription model your company will only pay for the licenses you use under a quarter If you; for example, increase and decrease user licenses in TellusWeb you will be invoiced the exact amount like the image below indicate.

Order on TellusWeb

At the order page you will see what the new price per quarter will become when adding or remobing licenses. If you later decide that you fo not need a specific feature in Tellus you can remove that license, quick and easy!

No binding period

We have no binding period on our subscription model, it can be reminated at any time. We have a period of notice of two months from the termination date.